Quality Assurance 

EI SERVICES s.r.o. offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in software testing and quality assurance. We cover the complete test cycle including management, analysis, test cases and scenarios development, test environment preparation and maintenance, self-test execution, evaluation and reporting.

Use of our QA services from the inception phase of the project will give you the following benefits:
- Significant improvement in the quality of inputs into the implementation phase of the project
- Important minimization of software defects
- Radical reduction in the total project costs 

QA services are delivered both by providing capacity of testing specialists, and by complex outsourcing of testing discipline for the whole project on the basis of agreed quality SLA.

In the testing discipline we distinguish the following professional activities:
- Test Planning and Management
- Requirements Collection and Analysis
- Tests Performance
- Defects Monitoring and Management
- Test metrics setup

Tests are divided by type into the following groups:
- Funkcional Tests
- Performance Tests
- White Box Tests
- Compatibility Tests
- Security Tests
- Regression Tests
- Product Testing